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Government compliance is essential to operating a business, but handling tax returns, company filings, and ROC compliance may be difficult and time-consuming. Legally Sahi can assist you!
Our skilled team of experts is committed to providing you with accurate, timely, and hassle-free filing services. We’ll handle everything, making sure your company remains legal, so you can concentrate on what counts—expanding your enterprise.

Our Comprehensive Filing Services

Legally Sahi - Business Filings, Business Registration Services

GST Registration

The Goods and Services Tax (GST) is a multi-stage, destination-based tax levied on the supply of goods and services in India. How Legally Sahi may assist you in filing your GST returns is as follows:
Our experts stay updated on the latest GST regulations and ensure your returns are filed accurately and on time to avoid any penalties.

Income Tax Return (ITR) Filing

All Indian individuals and businesses having taxable income are required to file an Income Tax Return (ITR). Legally Sahi can guide you through the procedure and guarantee that your ITR is submitted quickly and correctly:
We provide ITR filing services to corporations, partnerships, and sole proprietorships in addition to individuals.
Legally Sahi - Business Filings
Legally Sahi - Business Filings

Filing of Company Returns

The Ministry of Company Affairs (MCA) must receive yearly reports and financial statements from all companies that are registered in India. Legally Sahi can guarantee that your business complies with certain regulations:
You can guarantee that your business stays compliant and stays out of trouble for late filings by assigning these responsibilities to Legally Sahi.

ROC Compliance

In India, the Registrar of Compa nies (ROC) is the government agency in charge of company registration and regulation. You can manage the difficulties of ROC compliance with Legally Sahi’s assistance:
Legally Sahi can take care of your ROC compliance requirements, ensuring that your business runs smoothly and stays out of trouble with the ROC.
Legally Sahi - Business Filings

Why Choose Legally Sahi for Your Business Filings?

Any firm must maintain compliance with government rules, but handling tax filings, company reports, and ROC compliance may be difficult and time-consuming. Here are some reasons why Legally Sahi is the ideal partner to make filing easier for you:
Avoid wasting time and effort by handling difficult filing procedures by yourself. Experience the advantages of precise, effective, and stress-free company filings when you work with Legally Sahi!

Ready to Simplify Your Filings?

Contact Legally Sahi today! We’ll ensure your business stays compliant and free you to focus on growth.


Operating legally is crucial. Non-compliance can lead to penalties, delays, and potential legal issues.
We handle a comprehensive range of filings, including GST Registration & Returns (GSTR-3B, GSTR-1, GSTR-9), Income Tax Return (ITR) Filing (for individuals, businesses, and companies), Company Return Filing (annual returns and financial statements), ROC Compliance (annual returns, KYC updates, and other filings)
The Goods and Services Tax (GST) is a multi-stage tax applied to the supply of goods and services in India.
We handle all major GST returns: GSTR-3B (monthly summary of taxable supplies, exempt supplies, and ITC claimed), GSTR-1 (monthly details of outward supplies made during the month), GSTR-9 (annual return summarizing all GST transactions for the year)
All individuals and businesses with taxable income in India must file an ITR.
We’ll guide you through the process, identify the appropriate ITR form for your income sources, collect necessary documents, and file your ITR accurately.
Every company registered in India must file annual returns and financial statements with the Ministry of Company Affairs (MCA).
We’ll handle your company’s annual return (summarizing annual activities) and ensure audited financial statements (Balance Sheet & Profit & Loss Account) are filed as per MCA regulations.
The Registrar of Companies (ROC) is a government body responsible for company registration and regulation in India.
We can assist with: Annual return filing with the ROC, KYC (Know Your Customer) information updates for directors and shareholders, and Other ROC filings like address changes, director changes, and authorized share capital increases

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